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Floyd Gary Pierce serves as Senior Pastor of White Plains Baptist Church in Scottsville, Kentucky and holds as Masters of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Gary goes by his middle name and has a passion for creating discipleship books and resources to help people know and follow Jesus. His first release was a storybook entitled “Broken.” (2020). He has since released “Marked by Love” (2023) which is a call to Christians to love God, their community, and other Christians.

Gary also has launched, offering pastors coaching and publishing services to help them get their sermons and book concepts into published works with as little hassle and unnecessary expenses along the way.

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Help Your Child Develop A Heart For God

Release Date: February 1, 2024

In the My Big Prayers series of devotional prayer journals, parents and grandparents will help their little one develop a heart for God while creating a unique keepsake the family will treasure for a lifetime.

The Psalms, Volume 1 is the first book in the upcoming series and features forty devotions over the Psalms. Each devotion has six sections, a Bible reading, Heart to Heart devotion, Questions and Conversations, Prayer Starters, Creative Activity, and a place to record Prayers Answered.

The Creative Activity will be the child’s favorite part of the book and will ensure that a keepsake will be created. In this section, the child will be prompted to draw a picture of something that was discussed in the Bible reading or the Heart to Heart devotion.

View an excerpt from the book here.

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Interview Questions

I read you have a passion for discipleship. Why are you so passionate about discipleship? 


What is a devotional prayer journal?


How does your book, My Big Prayers, help littles one learn to pray?


How can parents or grandparents use your book, My Big Prayers, to help their child develop a heart for God?


As a pastor, what advice can you give parents or grandparents who may feel like they aren’t doing enough to teach their little ones about God?


Why did you call this series My Big Prayers?


What is one simple thing parents or grandparents can do to help their little one wonder about God?


What makes you write books like My Big Prayers?


How would you encourage a grandparent who has a heart to disciple their grandchild, but the child is not being raised in a Christian home?


How can people connect with you?

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Floyd Gary Pierce (goes by Gary)


mobile: (270) 943-2873

Gary lives in Scottsville, Kentucky. This is the Central time zone.

Please note that Gary is a full-time pastor and you may get his voicemail when calling. Gary will call you back, so if you get his voicemail, please leave a message.