Marked by Love – A Study on Christian Love



I am the husband of Emily and the father of Lily and Ruby. I have spent over 20 years in church ministry, many of those years teaching teenagers and children. I serve as the Senior Pastor of White Plains Baptist Church in Scottsville, Kentucky.

I write discipleship books and resources for individuals and families. That’s me wearing the tie with Emily. My first storybook, Broken, is now available. Feel free to email me. Oh, and, please call me Gary. I hope my books and resources serve you well.



With the help of their mother, the Bible, and a broken picture frame, two lovable sisters discover the reality of being broken by sin and the joy of God, making them new through the life and death of Jesus.



This is a great book to teach young children about sin. It's not scary, and it's not loaded with guilt. 

- Johanna


I love that the book's plot line is simple and easy for children to follow and yet there are so many layers of Spiritual depths you can dig into. 

- Beth